“Paige is amazing. She is savvy and really looks at the data and backend of all of my Social Media. I meet with her regularly. Social Media has really helped to promote my business and took it to a new level, especially when it came to gaining new clients. I couldn’t have done it without her!”
Jane Abrahams, Jane's Addiction Organization
“Paige Chernick has been a tremendous support in creating a consistent social media outreach strategy for my business, Ecstatic Birth. Paige is extremely knowledgable and has helped me understand the way the different platforms are programmed as well as typical behavior of the average users on each. As a result, I am empowered to be more effective and strategic in how I get my message out via social media. Through my work with her, I have been able to develop a social media calendar and plan and schedule my messages weeks ahead. This has brought a level of consistency and momentum to my social media outreach which I am thrilled has already translated into increased exposure AND increased revenue. Her help has been instrumental from transitioning my social media messaging from sporadic at best to having a steady and consistent presence which continues to grow. Best of all, Paige has empowered me to be at the helm of all of this so I have full control to optimize my strategy, posts, and outreach. Paige’s support not only helps me grow my business, it helps me grow as a business owner. Thank you Paige!”
Sheila Kamara Hay, Ecstatic Birth
“Paige is patient and beyond knowledgeable when it comes to social media and business building. Her expertise in this area has helped me grow my business immensely! She is fun, hip and helps get you out of your comfort zone to bring out the best in you.”
Sara Siskind, Hands On Healthy
“Paige has helped me tremendously with my consulting business while simultaneously building a website. With her extensive background in Social Media and Technology, the way that she works one-on-one with me always helps me stay on top of my business game. She knows about the latest and newest forms of Media and helps me stay up-to-date with everything that I cannot keep track of.
She is a true gem.​”
Linda Cohen, Fashion Consultant & Stylist
“Paige came highly recommended to me by a dear friend that was thrilled with the work she had done for her​. ​Paige is extremely prompt, reliable, creative,​ ​thorough and patient. I hired Paige to create a a connection to several online selling venues to increase my exposure and sales​. ​She came up with the ideas and creative,​ ​and it was a success. ​​I plan to continue working with Paige to continue my businesses growth.​”
Jacquie Tolkin, Just Vintage by Jacquie Tolkin
“Paigeknowsfirst is helping me with my Facebook page, instagram account and marketing my new business ‘The Fresh Kitchen.’ She is remarkable! Can’t wait to see what she has for me in the future!”
Marissa Davis, The Fresh Kitchen
“I have been very happy with Paige. I needed someone to take over my Social Media. She has been on top of it. She is creative and has done this with class. Thanks Paige”
Leslie Ellen Abbate, Hair Stylist